About Us

About Elaine Comeau, Owner of Wild Pigments Art Studio

For as long as she can remember, Elaine has been creating fine art her whole life.  Mostly self taught, Elaine loves to create art intuitively.  She has also taken many art courses at the Ottawa School of Art.  Having a true passion of all types of art, Elaine studied drawing, charcoal, pastels, pen & ink, watercolour, oil painting, acrylic painting, oriental brush painting, mixed media, collage, sculpture and print making.  She loves both representational and abstract art and loves to experiment with mixing up the styles and materials.  So teaching art in all forms comes very naturally to Elaine.

Elaine studied Interior Design at Algonquin College and worked as a professional Interior Designer for 30 years.  Working on both commercial and residential projects, she used her knowledge of space, colour, balance, textures and flow to create functional and visually pleasing interiors.  While working as a Designer, she also taught at Algonquin College for 28 years.  Teaching courses in design and décor, Colour Theory, Perspective Drawing, Architectural Drafting, and the History of Design and Furniture over 5000 year period, has given Elaine a very broad base of experience and knowledge for teaching art today.

Before starting up her own art studio, Elaine did decorative painting for interiors, both commercially and residentially.  Painting on walls and upcycling furniture was a lot of fun and very creative.  She painted murals, skies on ceilings, marbleizing, antiquing and many other decorative finishes.

While her three daughters were in grade school, Elaine started to help out with the art programs for kids.  This brought her back to her love for fine arts.  Wild Pigments Art Studio was started in the Fall of 2009 and Elaine has been enjoying teaching fine arts ever since.